10.20.2022 1 minute

10 Boutique Consulting Firm Finance & Accounting Challenges

By George Grigorakos

While boutique consulting firms may appear to have a simple operational model, they face many similar challenges as other industries…and some unique ones of their own.

In addition, growing firms that have made it past their first years in business encounter a second set of challenges. Improving, refining, optimizing…growing faster, smarter, more profitably…these fall under the scaling umbrella.

Congratulations if you’ve passed the baton from start-up to growth. To keep the momentum and accomplish your goals, you’ll need to address these important finance and accounting related areas within your firm. As we approach year-end I’ll be covering each of these in further detail, stay tuned…

1. Client billing

2. Metrics, dashboards and reports

3. Systems and processes

4. Policies and procedures

5. Budgeting and benchmarking

6. Profits and cashflow

7. Compensation and benefits

8. Risks and controls

9. Expense management

10. Legal entity selection and taxes

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