We’re a unique financial firm built from the ground up to support Management Consulting Firms

At FAMC our purpose is to support your small to mid-sized Management Consulting firm, so you’re able to focus on serving your clients and accomplish your goals.

  • Extensive management consulting industry experience
  • Thorough knowledge of best-in-class technology and back office process solutions for growing management consulting firms
  • Dedicated finance and accounting teams to support management consulting firms, including CFO, Controller and Accounting Specialist roles
  • Services, packages and pricing to fit your firm’s specific needs, size and budget

We get you because

We’ve worked in management consulting firms and focus solely on supporting management consulting firms.

We’ve experienced the same challenges, stresses and constraints, and have mastered how to solve these issues using the most effective and efficient methods possible.

Managing Principal – George Grigorakos, CPA

I enjoy working with management consultants. I understand the challenges you face, needing to remain laser focused on your clients while wearing multiple hats within your firms. I admire you for your dedication to becoming experts within your fields of specialty, and helping your clients achieve remarkable success.

I’m a CPA and strategic finance leader. Like you, I’ve developed my expertise within top-tier organizations (private, mid-market, nonprofit, Big 4, FTSE 250, Fortune 500). Like you, I’m driven by the opportunity to offer improved solutions and help others succeed. I’m sharing my knowledge and experience to help growing management consulting firms like yours achieve extraordinary financial and operational success.



American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


Institute of Management Consultants

About FAMC

FAMC is run by seasoned finance and accounting professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the management consulting industry.

We understand the management consulting business model and the financial challenges firms face in maximizing billable capacity, improving realization and minimizing overhead.

We keep up-to-date on finance and accounting best practices, and with the rapidly evolving technology that helps management consulting firms operate better.

Come partner with FAMC, and let’s take your firm to the next level.

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